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Handling Toxic Exposure Illness Claims

Workplace exposure to hazardous substances puts workers at risk of serious occupational illnesses.  There are many different ways in which an employee can be exposed to toxins in the workplace: workers handling dangerous materials as part of their daily work; a toxic spill at a worksite; workers subjected to exceptionally high exposure levels of unsafe resources.

In many instances, symptoms can remain latent for many years after the employee has had prolonged toxic exposure on the job.  Regardless of how the work-related exposure occurred, it can lead to serious health problems.

Occupations at Risk of Toxic Exposure

Some professions are at a greater risk for on-the-job toxic exposure than others.

Workplace exposure to toxic chemicals can result in serious diseases with life-changing consequences for the victim.  These include brain damage, cancer, blindness, burns, reproductive harm, lung damage, organ damage, skin scarring, disfigurement, and eye damage.  Moreover, some symptoms of occupational illnesses from exposure to toxic chemicals may worsen over time such as mesothelioma and Parkinson’s disease.

Additionally, some diseases that result from workplace exposure to toxins may not develop until the illness has reached a late stage.  Those suffering from conditions such as asbestosis, mesothelioma and byssinosis may not see symptoms present for 10 to 50 years.  With these types of occupational illnesses, a person’s health will deteriorate as time and the disease progress.

Different types of toxins result in different types of diseases.  Asbestosis and mesothelioma are caused by inhaling the carcinogenic fibers of asbestos.  Byssinosis, also commonly referred to as “brown lung disease,” is a condition suffered by textile mill workers who inhale cotton fibers.  Welders are regularly exposed to toxic manganese fumes that have been linked to Parkinson’s disease and brain damage. They may also suffer from “welder’s syndrome,” which causes tremors, depression, slurred speech and poor balance. The latency of these conditions makes these occupational illnesses especially concerning for workers.

Dangerous Toxins at Work

Dangerous chemicals and elements that can be found in some workplaces and to be aware of are:

  • asbestos
  • benzene
  • vinyl chloride
  • manganese
  • mercury
  • paints
  • solvents
  • cotton fibers
  • plastic production
  • welding materials
  • toxic exhaust
  • chromium and nickel exposure from thermal metal spray

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