Philadelphia Workers’ Compensation Lawyers: Prevent Falls in the Workplace

Philadelphia Workers’ Compensation Lawyers: Prevent Falls in the Workplace

Slippery and uneven floors, broken equipment, and uneven platforms can increase the risk of a slip or trip and fall, potentially causing workers to suffer severe injuries. Falls are one of the most common types of workplace accidents that result in missed work days. They are also one of the most preventable.

To reduce workplace falls and protect employees and others, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has issued several safety requirements for employers. Certain industries are required to comply with specific safety guidelines due to the dangers they present to workers. Workers that are at the highest risk of fall injuries are those who work in construction.

OSHA’s Fall Protection Requirements for Employers

  • Provide guard rails and toe-boards around all elevated platforms with open sides, including runways and elevated floors
  • Protection through a guard rail or toe-board around any holes in the floor that can pose a safety hazard to workers
  • Keep work environment floors reasonably clean and dry
  • Address all known dangers in work environments and work to prevent new hazards while removing existing ones
  • Train all employees about potential workplace hazards in languages the employees can understand
  • Provide adequate safety equipment to workers when necessary at no cost to the workers

In general industrial settings, the fall protection guards discussed above must be installed on elevations of four feet or higher. In shipyards, this requirement exists at five feet; and on construction sites, guards are required at heights of six feet or more.

Common Slip and Fall Injuries

A fall can have long-term, even permanent repercussions for an injured worker. In rare cases, an individual can die from injuries sustained in a fall. Examples of injuries commonly suffered in a workplace fall include:

If you fall on the job, report the injury to your supervisor immediately. It is also important to seek medical treatment as soon as possible to ensure you receive a prompt diagnosis and appropriate treatment.

Philadelphia Workers’ Compensation Lawyers at E.S. Borjeson & Associates Represent Workers Injured in Slip and Fall Accidents

An injury resulting from a fall in your workplace can leave you with high medical bills and may cause you to miss work for an extended time. File a Workers’ Compensation claim to seek the benefits you deserve. For help, contact the experienced and highly skilled Philadelphia Workers’ Compensation lawyers at E.S. Borjeson & Associates today. Submit an online contact form or call 215-772-3020 to arrange a free and confidential consultation in our Center City Philadelphia office.

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